Airbrush Tanning Workshop



2 Hours

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Learn the technique of applying flawless airbrush tan! Airbrush tanning is ideal for spas, salons, and mobile Estheticians. Topics covered include sunless tanning, essential supplies, care of your equipment, return on investment, client preparation / consultation and post tanning instructions. Students will receive hands on training. Models may be required.

A machine is not required to take this course, however students may purchase the Fake Bake Professional Airbrush Tanning System from PROBEAUTY Group and receive the course for free.

Certification: Airbrush Tanning Specialist

Professional Teeth Whitening Workshop



2 Hours

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Certification: Teeth Whitening Specialist

This workshop is ideal for those wanting to add a new, profitable service to their spa menu! Learn the technique of teeth whitening using the original, premium-quality teeth whitening system designed exclusively for the beauty industry. Topics covered include understanding the science of teeth whitening, comparing other systems, proper application technique, client preparation / consultation, post care instructions as well as return on investment. The BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator treatment is a simple, straightforward procedure and can be safely performed by any trained Esthetics professional. Students receive hands on training. 

A machine is not required to take this course, however students may purchase a BEYOND II WHITENING ACCELERATOR SYSTEM from PROBEAUTY Group and receive training for one person complimentary. 

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