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3 Days

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

This 3-day course includes theory on cellulite causes and cures, thalassotheraphy and benefits of exfoliation. Topics covered include cellulite massage techniques, body exfoliation and body wraps. Specifically, you will learn and experience the Peppermint Sea Twist Body Wrap, body exfoliation and a Seaweed Body Wrap. No model required. Students work on each other with a variety of body treatment products.

Add the Universal Contour Treatment workshop for only $99 when you register for this program. 

Certification: Body Treatment Therapist

Relaxation Massage







This 3-day course is designed for anyone interested in learning the art of full body massage. Topics discussed include client safety, contraindications, setting up the treatment room, proper oil applications and professional draping methods. In addition, students will learn safe and ergonomic massage procedures and positions (body mechanics), client etiquette and care, basic anatomy, as well as full body massage techniques. This course is recognized for professional liability insurance. No models required. 

3 Days

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Certification: Body Work - Relaxation Massage

This course is recommended as a prerequisite for Hot & Cold Stone Massage. Students are required to complete 10 documented quotas within 8 weeks of the course date to receive certification. 

Course Outline:

Day 1  -

Day  2 -




Day 3 -     


Demo and Practical (students work on each other)

Practical (students work on each other)

Practical (students work on each other)

Practical (model required)

Practical Exam (model required) and Theory Exam

Hot & Cold Stone Massage



3 Days

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Certification: Body Work - Hot & Cold Stone
Massage Technician
Prerequisite: Relaxation Massage or RMT

This 3-day certified course teaches students to perform the full body sequential procedure using both hot and cold stones, prone and supine positions. Additionally, students will study the benefits of "Geo-Thermo-Therapy", how to make stones do the 'heavy work', contraindications, history and care of the stones, client care and safety, as well as marketing concepts. 

This course is recognized for professional liability insurance and is also recognized by many of the Western Canadian Massage Assocaitions, including NHPC, RMTA, MTA, MTAS, and MTAM for continuing education credits. No models required.


Students are required to complete 10 quotas within 8 weeks of taking the class to receive certification. 

Body Contouring with MPR Toroidal RF



The MPR Toroidal RF System provides a natural method to fight aging and firm the skin muscles in addition to offering an effective way to reduce dimples based on a toroidal distribution of radiofrequency. This unique concept allows to achieve an even transmission of the energy and quickly reach the therapeutic temperature. Moreover, it will allow you to effectively control the temperature during the treatment. This treatment is safe for the face allowing for a non-surgical face lift. This treatment is excellent for face and body, men and woman, all skin types and ethnicities. 

2 Days

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Certification: Body Contouring with MPR Toroidal

Course Outline:

Day 1  -

Day  2 -

AM Theory Training

PM Practical Training

AM Practical Training

PM Practical Training

Universal Contour Wrap



The Universal Contour Wrap originates in the UK and has been a successful professional inch loss and detoxification system for over 25 years. This incredible all natural wrap utilizes a unique clay solution combined with specialized wrapping techniques, resulting in an average loss of 10-14 inches in just one treatment. The clay solution draws out toxins while the wrapping technique actively compresses soft fatty tissues. This creates an instant inch lost, firming and sculpting the body. Your client is guaranteed to lose a minimum of 6 inches or the treatment is free. In addition, the client is guaranteed to keep a minimum of 6 inches off for 30 days or the next treatment is free. 

This is not a water loss or weight loss treatment. Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water post treatment to enhance detoxification. This treatment is ideal for men and women and is perfect to promote to brides, vacationers, body builders and for special events. 

1 Day

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Certification: Universal Contour Wrap Specialist

Students who wish to purchase a starter kit for providing treatments may purchase their kit from PROBEAUTY Group and will receive the workshop for free. 

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