Kit Value

Makeup Artistry Level 1

Course Price

$695 +GST

Course Outline

Online Theory Hours

In Class Hours

8 Hours

8 Hours

Estimate Time to Complete

2 Weeks

The estimated time to complete depicts the length of time estimated for a student to complete all theory, assignments, in class training, and quotas. 

Theory Outline

Sanitation and Disinfection

Skin Conditions

Skin Types

Caring for Each Skin Type

Skin Preparation

Colour Theory

Eye Shapes

Simple Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup

Priming the Skin



Setting teh Makeup

Powder Contouring

Blush Application

Highlighter Application

Live Webinar

Theory Exam

In Class Outline

Day 1

Theory Review

Product Knowledge

Live Demonstration

Students work on models

About the course

This entry level, hands-on class introduces you to the art of makeup application. Be prepared to learn lots and have fun while in a boot camp style classroom setting. Become an expert in dealing with skin conditions, hygiene and sanitation, colour theory and working with diverse ethnicities and skin tones. Learn how to enhance face and eye shapes (contouring), apply artificial eyelashes, and bolster product knowledge while practicing in a supportive environment.

Course fees include: training manual, student kit, theory and practical training

This course is included in our Full Esthetics Diploma


No prerequisite


Makeup Artist

Upcoming Class Dates

This class includes hands-on training in person at one of our campuses. Click the link below to see our upcoming in class dates. Students must complete their online theory training prior to attending in class sessions. 

Please note, pricing on the booking calendar is for rescheduling fees only. If you are a new student looking to register for the course, please use the registration button at the top of the page to be enrolled in the class and start your online theory lessons. 

Model Requirements

Model Fee

$10 per model

Day 1

9:15 - 12:00 - Model #1

1:15 - 4:00 - Model #2

Students may use the same model for both time slots if they wish.

  • Please ask your model not to wear makeup the day of the class and if they are a lash extension wearer to not go for a fill prior to lending their face for student's practical work.

  • Instructor highly suggests the following:
    No lash extensions on you and your model, as they may be affected during the practical work as you practice mascara, gel liners and lash band applications. If you wear extensions avoid going for a fill prior this class.
    Facial grooming especially eye brows is ideal, however we understand that you might be enrolled in the waxing/laser hair removal classes and arrive with brows which have not been groomed as they normally would be, but ideally it is easier to learn on a groomed canvas
    We work with a few skin care items as well as all makeup products and are available for practical work but if you or your model has any sensitivities or allergies, bringing a few items are welcomed but not mandatory
    If you or your model are getting Permanent Makeup done, please make sure skin is 100% healed prior to class as again there is up to 8 practical applications in all makeup related classes and this might make it hard to work with as well as uncomfortable for your and or your model

Quota Requirements

No quotas are required to obtain certification.