Kit Value

Reiki Level 1

Course Price

$200 +GST

Course Outline

Online Theory Hours

In Class Hours

0.5 Hours

9 Hours

Estimate Time to Complete

1 Day

The estimated time to complete depicts the length of time estimated for a student to complete all theory, assignments, in class training, and quotas. 

Theory Outline

This course is held in person. Theory will be discussed during hands on training. 

In Class Outline

Day 1

Theory overview:

Reiki priniciples



Auras and Chakras

Reiki Techniques

Oracle Cards

Healing Stones

Hands on training:

Students work on each other

About the course

Following the Usui System of Natural Healing, the Reiki Level 1 course will provide you with an introduction and overview of the history of Reiki and explains what the Art of Reiki truly is. Additionally, the following will be covered:

  • An explanation of how Reiki works, its benefits and when it can be used.

  • Information regarding the Reiki principles.

  • Description on attunements will be given and how they work.

  • You will also receive 4 attunements, given by the teacher on site, and will then be able to practice Reiki on yourself and others.

  • You will practice meditation and will meditate using various resources.

  • You will learn a brief description on body systems to better understand the difference between a balanced body versus one with ailments.

  • You will learn about the body’s Aura, as well as what are Chakras.

  • You will learn proper techniques on giving Reiki treatments, such as proper hand techniques, how to follow your intuition when doing Reiki, etc.

  • You will have the opportunity to practice Reiki on yourself and fellow students. You will also share your experiences during and after giving these treatments.

  • You will briefly work with oracle cards, as well as healing stones to further your own self healing or that of others.

  • You will also learn about scanning the aura, as well as clearing it.

The overall focus of Level 1 is to provide you with the beginning tools to enable you to practice Reiki on yourself or to help friends and family. Please note that Level I certification is more of a learning course rather than one to charge for any Reiki sessions. After training in Level 1, you are encouraged to practice Reiki and determine whether you wish to pursue further Reiki courses.

Course fees include: training manual, theory and practical training


No prerequisite


Reiki Level 1

Upcoming Class Dates

This class includes hands-on training in person at one of our campuses. Click the link below to see our upcoming in class dates. Students must complete their online theory training prior to attending in class sessions. 

Please note, pricing on the booking calendar is for rescheduling fees only. If you are a new student looking to register for the course, please use the registration button at the top of the page to be enrolled in the class and start your online theory lessons. 

Model Requirements

Model Fee


No model required.

Quota Requirements

No quotas are required to obtain certification.