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Reiki Share

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8 Hours

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1 Day

The estimated time to complete depicts the length of time estimated for a student to complete all theory, assignments, in class training, and quotas. 

Theory Outline

This course is held in person. Theory will be discussed during hands on training. 

In Class Outline

Day 1

Theory overview:

Student will learn about the Hara

Smudging energy and its benefits

Complementary Yoga stretch session

Sound Therapy overview

Complementary Sound Therapy treatment

Introduction to Shiatsu Massage

Oracle cards


Hands on training:

Students work on each other

About the course

The Reiki Share is a really fun opportunity to further discuss your Reiki experiences. It gives you the opportunity to learn more from your teacher, as well as your peers. It is a chance well earned to get spoilt by your teacher with various information pertaining to Reiki, while learning new techniques, and gaining information about the Level III Master course and the Level IV Teacher course. Additionally, the following will be offered:

  • You will learn about the Hara and how it can be effective in assessing a client during a Reiki treatment.

  • You will learn about Smudging energy and how this can be effective before or after a treatment.

  • You will have a complementary Yoga stretch given by one of EIE’s well known and loved instructors Charnelle Manraj.

  • You will experience a complementary group Sound Therapy treatment given by the wonderful Monika Nutzenburger. As well as receive information from Monika about what Sound Therapy is in a nutshell.

  • You will be offered a complementary introduction class on the art of Shiatsu and how marrying Reiki and Shiatsu can truly benefit clients immensely.

  • You will practice meditation and will meditate using various resources.

  • You will briefly work with oracle cards to further your own self healing.

The Reiki Share is a perfect continuity for you if you have followed the Reiki Level 1 and/or the Reiki Level 2 course(s).

Course fees include: practical training


Reiki Level 1 and/or Reiki Level 2


Reiki Share Certificate of Attendance

Upcoming Class Dates

This class includes hands-on training in person at one of our campuses. Click the link below to see our upcoming in class dates. Students must complete their online theory training prior to attending in class sessions. 

Please note, pricing on the booking calendar is for rescheduling fees only. If you are a new student looking to register for the course, please use the registration button at the top of the page to be enrolled in the class and start your online theory lessons. 

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No model required.

Quota Requirements

No quotas are required to obtain certification.