Full Esthetic Diploma

$10,995 +GST

Monthly Start Dates Available

Program Syllabus

Estimate Time to Complete

28 Weeks

Prerequisite for Acceptance

No Prerequisite

Certificate Earned

Esthetic Diploma

Diploma Syllabus Includes:

  • Hygiene

  • Contraindications

  • Anatomy

  • Cellular Biology

  • Microbiology

  • Cosmetic Ingredients

  • Basic Facials

  • Advanced Facials

  • Facial Analysis

  • Makeup Artistry

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Body Treatments

  • Waxing

  • Threading

  • Body Sugaring

  • Brow Shaping

  • Tinting

  • Eyelash Extensions

  • Lash Perming

  • Professionalism

  • Business Skills

About the program

EIE is pleased to offer you a complete beginner esthetic training program that covers all of the essential areas and requirements needed to successfully begin your career as an Esthetician. This comprehensive, intensive program will provide you with the most current, relevant, and professional training in both theory and hands on practical applications in the industry. Upon completion, students can enter the Esthetics & Spa industry as a professional with full confidence in their newly acquired skills and knowledge as a qualified Esthetician.

Start Dates

Monthly Start Dates Available


$10,995 +GST

Tuition includes: training manuals, student kits & Esthetician jacket (value $2715)

Financing/Student Loans

The Full Esthetic Diploma Program is licensed for Student Loans from Student Aid.

Student Payment Plans are also available.

Courses Included

Course Value

Program Savings



Individual Certificates will provided for each course.

Colorful Personalities

True Colors lively and interactive programs provide the keys to success. Participants in this workshop will establish a firm foundation in the knowledge and language of True Colors which will: create a common voice for relating to one another, develop strong leaders, strengthen synergy and communication, and enhance the learning environment and quality of education.

$300 +GST


Learn the ancient technique of threading and find out for yourself why this method has been trusted for effective and precise hair removal for thousands of years. This course covers all the techniques necessary to perform face and eyebrow threading, allowing you to confidently expand your hair removal services offerings.

$250 +GST

Lash Perming

Eyelash perming is an excellent and easy addition to your esthetics services menu. Give sultry length and depth to short or light eyelashes and achieve perfect results every time with this step-by-step class.

$75 +GST


No spa menu is complete without a classic waxing service. Set yourself apart from the crowd and become a trusted expert in body waxing with our comprehensive course. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to give a proper client consultation, confidently recommend products to clients, and successfully perform a waxing procedure.

$795 +GST


Take the first step towards your Nail Technician career with this intensive manicure course. Learn how to give a thorough consultation, understand the natural nail and confidently perform a spa manicure. Develop your skillset and become a certified LCN Manicurist that your clients trust for expert level manicures.

$795 +GST

Facials Level 1

Launch your dream career as a Skincare Specialist with our highly regarded Facial Therapist certification. In this comprehensive course that blends theory and hands-on practice, you will learn the anatomy and physiology of skin, how to perform consultations, a basic facial, and how to identify and treat common skin diseases and disorders. A Facial Therapist certification is the perfect way to start your career as an Esthetician or diversify your current esthetic offerings.

$1,995 +GST

Business for Beauties

Join Tiffany Starchuk, VP Sales & Business Development for EIE & PROBEAUTY Group, for the foundations of your business. Tiffany will take you through the keys to starting and growing a successful business. Whether you are planning on starting your own clinic, day spa or working as a technician this seminar will empower you to set a clear vision for yourself financially and ensure you have a solid plan on how you are going to make all your dreams come true in this incredible industry.

$600 +GST

Polish Up Your Life

This workshop is designed to provide Estheticians with in-depth product knowledge and top of the line application techniques for LCN’s cutting edge natural nail products. You will gain hands-on experience working with Natural Nail Boost Gel, Recolution Permanent Gel Polish and Quick Colour Base Gel while increasing application speed and achieving perfect results every time.

$125 +GST

Eyelash Extensions Level 1 (Classic)

Master the technique of applying classic eyelash extensions and stake your claim in this increasingly popular service. Our comprehensive Eyelash Extensions Level 1 class will teach you the basics of lash extension preparation, application, and health and safety, while giving you the marketing tips and tools necessary for ongoing success.

$1,295 +GST

Body Sugaring

This ancient and all-natural hair removal method provides a gentler alternative to more intrusive forms of hair removal. In the Body Sugaring course, you will learn the art and theory of safely and effectively removing body hair. Upon completing this course, you will be prepared to offer hair removal services to clients with pain tolerance concerns.

$795 +GST

Body Treatments featuring Universal Contour Wrap

Through hands on learning with the Universal Contour Wrap, cellulite massage and body exfoliation, you will gain the knowledge necessary to treat a variety of commonplace skin concerns. You can expect to effectively tackle even the most persistent skin complaints with ease after completing this course.

$695 +GST


Effectively and safely learn how to apply lash and brow tints with this step-by-step workshop. You will acquire expert tinting skills that can be used as a natural alternative for clients with an aversion to more invasive brow and lash enhancement methods.

$75 +GST

Makeup Artistry Level 1

This entry level, hands-on class introduces you to the art of makeup application. Be prepared to learn lots and have fun while in a boot camp style classroom setting. Become an expert in dealing with skin conditions, hygiene and sanitation, colour theory and working with diverse ethnicities and skin tones. Learn how to enhance face and eye shapes (contouring), apply artificial eyelashes, and bolster product knowledge while practicing in a supportive environment.

$725 +GST

Brazilian Waxing

This workshop is for those who have previously completed a waxing course and want to expand their services to include the specialized and highly popular Brazilian wax.

$250 +GST

Pedicures Level 1

Become an LCN Certified Pedicurist in our exclusive Pedicures Level 1 course. Learn how to complete a thorough client consultation, understand the natural nail, confidently recommend proper products to your clients and successfully perform a basic spa pedicure in this blended theory and hands-on course.

$1,250 +GST

Facials Level 2 (Advanced)

Capitalize on the growing demand for electrotherapy and help you clients achieve their skin care goals. This class is for Estheticians with a basic facial certification who would like to gain a thorough understanding of how to safely and effectively use the most cutting-edge electrotherapies. You will gain the knowledge necessary to offer enhanced eye, mask, acne, anti-aging and skin lightening treatments.

$1,795 +GST