Makeup Artistry - Level 1




$100+ in



2 Days

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

This entry level, hands-on class introduces students to the art of makeup. Training includes dealing with skin conditions, hygiene and sanitation practices governed by Alberta Health; colour theory and working with all diverse ethnicities and skin tones. Practical training focuses on building eye and face shapes (contouring); artificial eyelash application; product knowledge and stocking a professional makeup kit. Be prepared to learn in a fun environment and work hard in this boot camp style classroom setting. Students will perform practical applications on each other and on models when required. Theory and practical exams are required to achieve a certificate on the last day of class. 

Certification: Makeup Artist

Advanced Makeup Artistry Diploma



2 Days/Week for 12 Weeks

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Certification: Advanced Makeup Artistry Diploma
Prerequisite: Makeup Artistry - Level 1

Our advanced makeup artistry diploma consists of 288 hours of theory and practical training over the course of 12 weeks. Students will attend class two days per week and will be required to complete quotas outside of the classroom. 


Students will gain extensive practical experience in bridal makeup, editorial and fashion, photography and television makeup; as well as avante garde, makeup for every era and beginner special effects. Basic hairstyling is included in this course. 


Diploma students will create a professional portfolio and learn business skills as well as branding and marketing. We will have professionals from the industry join our classes to speak about business management, photography and hairstyling. Product knowledge and cosmetic ingredients will also be covered. 


Students are required to write a term paper on an approved industry research topic and complete external practicums in order to receive their diploma. 

Week 1

Theory - recap Makeup Fundamentals

Everything skin - prep, prime, colour correcting, foundation etc.  

Contouring and highlighting with various products and tools.

Extensive practical work.


Week 2

All about eyes and lips 

Product and tool knowledge

Extensive practical work. 


Week 3

Learning the fundamentals and executing crucial makeup looks.

Extensive practical work


Week 4

Continuation of week 3 delving further into more glamorous and intricate makeup looks. 

Working with clients of all ages. 

Extensive practical work.


Week 5 

Very extensive work on clients of all ages, skin types and ethnicities. 

Research on traditional ceremonies throughout the industry. 

Extensive practical work. 


Week 6

Makeup for the performing stage clients.

Makeup for the early eras (blocking brows, theatrical work)

Extensive practical work.

Week 7

Continuation of makeup for the eras (60’s-80’s)

Editorial and fashion.

Graphic liner, bold colours, high gloss makeup looks.

Extensive practical work.


Week 8

Beginner special effects and costume makeup.

Extensive practical work.


Week 9 

In class photoshoot with professional photographer to start building portfolios.

Workshop with journeyman red seal hairstylist.

Extensive practical work.


Week 10 

Bridal Etiquette. ‘What to do’s’. 

Business management and social media. Presentation from Chartered Accountant and Licensed Insurance Underwriter. 


Week 11

Practical reviews and final exam.


Week 12

Destination photoshoot with professional photographer to build a life lasting portfolio.

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