Dear EIE Students,  
The team at The European Institute of Esthetics truly miss seeing you all on campus and we hope that you and your families are at home safe, healthy and in good spirits. We recognize that the past couple of weeks have been difficult and may have brought on many mixed emotions. The fear of the unknown, confusion about what comes next, and overall uncertainty are all very natural feelings to have. Life truly is all about learning to respond to what happens to us; that is really where the journey lies. This current situation is but a piece in all our journeys and I know that together we will persevere through this. With the strength from our loved ones, our community and ourselves this too shall pass. My hope is that all of you are searching for the positive aspects of what is going on - the kindness, the love, the compassion - as there truly is a lot of beauty happening within our communities right now. I see beauty around me all day, having spent the past two weeks working so hard with our team of educators and videographers to be able to present our new online learning portal to the world. My heart is full of gratitude for the EIE team and our incredible students that remain patient and supportive in this time. Thank you!  


It is with great excitement we have launched our online learning portal so you can begin or continue your education from the comfort of your home! Our new online portal, LearnWorlds, thrives in creating an education experience that is authentic, comprehensive, and creative. We believe this platform will allow us to have fun while offering you a supportive learning environment.  


Please read on to learn how our online learning is implemented and to answer your questions and concerns.  
1) Students who are registered in a course will receive an email from which will contain specific information for your upcoming online training. A separate email will come for each course that you are registered for as the training commences. We will do our best to ensure that this correspondence will arrive one week before the class opens. Please be patient with us as we move to this new platform.  
2) Once our administrator has confirmed your attendance and participation in the course, she will request your payment in full unless you receive student aid or are on an existing payment plan. Classes will need to be paid in full prior to you being enrolled for your online course on LearnWorlds.  
3) All students enrolled in an online course will then receive an email from our online platform LearnWorlds, which will include a link to create a password for the online portal. Students will be able to access their online courses through this portal as they become available.   
4) You will have access to your manuals digitally. In addition, students will receive any handouts pertinent to the course along with detailed instructions within LearnWorlds that will outline the structure of your training.  

Once your registration in a course is confirmed, you will be able to order your printed manual (and student kit) for delivery to your home or for pickup 

In most cases, your kit will not be required for you to begin the theory component of your training. The theory portion is always completed first and all your material will be available for you to download online after you receive access to your classes.  
Pre-recorded professional lectures will be supplied for the majority of our courses and workshops. We have chosen to use all of our educators in the making of our videos as each one has different passions, specialties and talents. We want to bring you the very best of our team. Our instructors have pre-recorded a professional lecture to deliver the theory component of your online training. This will ensure that you are guided through your manuals in the same manner as you would if you were sitting in our actual classrooms.  

Interactive ZOOM MEETING Lectures:  


In courses that require more interactive learning, we have chosen to deliver the theory portion of your training with a modern video communication system called ZOOM. This easy and reliable platform allows our educators and students to communicate and interact together during a predetermined session date and time in which you will receive your theory lectures and even demos of the practical component.  


There will be multiple opportunities for you to connect and interact with your instructor in a live online webinar like setting.  

To ensure a quality experience for you and the educator, it is imperative that you have a laptop or desktop with webcam. This will allow you to easily follow along with the lecture and simultaneously access your manual, Power Point presentations and graphics that the instructor will be sharing with you. It will also be important to watch demos or see information close-up that the instructor is sharing in her classroom setting.   


Not familiar with how to use ZOOM? Check out this quick video on accessing ZOOM meetings. 

For the majority of our courses and workshops, our instructors have pre-recorded a professional service demonstration. The purpose of this demonstration is to resemble the treatment/service you would be watching in the classroom and will ensure that you are receiving the same experience that you would have in a classroom setting. The demonstration will explicitly review from start to finish, a step by step procedure of your educator performing the treatment. The purpose of us recording our own demonstrations is to protect the integrity of EIE’s high standard and quality of training and protocols.  
Please note that some classes are theory only in nature and therefore this component is not required.  
For some of your classes, you will receive a kit as mentioned above as we have determined that you may be able to start to perform or complete the entire practical portion of your training on live models. Direction will be given to you from us as to what you are required to do. In some courses that require more particular practical training guidance, you may be instructed to only perform a modified version of the treatment on yourself or a model. You will then be instructed to continue your practical portion of the training at EIE in following scheduled days.  
Depending on the class or workshop you will be given instructions on how many practicum or quotas that you must complete on models. Circumstances may prohibit you from working on multiple models inside or outside of your home, in which case you will be given alternative instruction on how to practice on yourself or postpone quotas until safe to do so.  

Specific instructions will be given for each class regarding the particulars of how to document, record and/or photograph your work.  
If you are doing a ZOOM session, your instructor will be able to see firsthand your practical training online and may require you to submit additional quotas.  


Students will participate in hands-on training at our facilities in Edmonton, Alberta (designated external partner facility) by booking class time through our practical training booking site. 


COVID-19 UPDATE: Our facilities will reopen in a manner that is compliant with recommendations and regulations prescribed by the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, Please subscribe to our newsletter and read our News & Updates blog for the latest information. 

We understand the importance for our students to have ongoing support for their online courses. For the majority of the courses, we will be setting up an interactive ZOOM session. These sessions will run at a designated time allowing students to jump on and chat directly with an educator for additional support during or after the course. Your educator will be able to answer questions, offer guidance and direction, and give you continued support for your learning.  
Our team of educators are all here to help you learn and grow. This team is extremely talented, highly educated and incredibly passionate.  Please email them your comments and suggestions to the email address shown below.  

Important Reminders  
The LearnWorlds platform we are using has been chosen by numerous schools, universities and and e-learning businesses across the world for its stability and versatility in supporting students in a variety of fields. We look forward to your feedback to help us to improve our online classes for all of our students.  
Lastly and most importantly, should you feel like you need additional training and would like to sit in on a class once we are open again, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will accommodate additional in-class review time for you.  

We are happy we can accommodate you for your courses online and as always, please reach out if you need any assistance.

We thank you for continuing to put your trust in the entire team at European Institute of Esthetics!   


Tiffany Starchuk  
Dean & Education Director 

European Institute of Esthetics 

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