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We are excited to announce that theory training is now provided online. By offering our theory training online, students can begin learning remotely at their own pace. By shifting our theory classes to online learning, we can offer our students more hands-on practical time with their instructor in a classroom setting.  

For individual beginner courses with no prerequisites, students can self-register and start learning online at For advanced courses with prerequisites, we require an admin team member to enroll you into the class after verifying you have the prerequisite course requirements. Please email to have an advisor assist you with registering if you are a new student. If you are an existing EIE Training Centre student, please contact for assistance.  If you are applying for Student Aid or a Full Program, one of our advisors will work with you to register you into all of your required courses.  

UPDATE July 10, 2020: Courses Available Online


  • Facials - Level 1

  • Waxing

  • Tinting - Lash & Brows

  • Pedicures - Level 1

  • Manicures

  • Brow Henna

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Microblading - Level 1

  • Body Sugaring

  • Brow Lamination

  • Threading

  • Cara Skin Care Workshop

  • Lash Lifting

  • Lash Perming

  • Eyelash Extensions - Level 1

  • Body Treatments

  • Artificial Nails - Level 1

  • Makeup Artistry Level 1 (Coming Soon)

  • Lady Boss (Coming Soon)


  • Laser Theory

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

  • IPL

  • RMD Structural Remodeling

  • Body Contouring with MPR

  • Advanced Facials 

  • Derma Needling

  • Dermaplaning

  • Chemical Peel - Level 1

  • Chemical Peel - Level 2

  • Pedicures - Level 2

  • Pedique

  • BB Glow

  • Brazilian Waxing

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Artificial Nails - Level 2 (Coming Soon)


Once your registration in a course is confirmed, you will be able to order your printed manual (and student kit) for delivery to your home or for pickup from PROBEAUTY Group. Your course confirmation email contains detailed instructions on how to order any required kits and/or manuals for your class. 

In most cases, your kit will not be required for you to begin the theory component of your training. The theory portion is always completed first and all your material will be available for you to download online after you receive access to your courses.   


Pre-recorded professional lectures will be supplied for the majority of our courses and workshops. We have chosen to use all of our educators in the filming of our videos as each one has different passions, specialties and talents. We want to bring you the very best of our team. Our instructors have pre-recorded professional lectures to deliver the theory component of your online training. This will ensure that you are guided through your manuals in the same manner as you would if you were sitting in our actual classrooms.   


In courses that require more interactive learning, additional live training is delivered using the best-in-class ZOOM online video communication system. This easy and reliable platform allows our educators and students to communicate and interact together during scheduled session dates and times in which you will have the opportunity to interact with your instructor and fellow classmates in a live online classroom setting.   


Each course offers multiple opportunities for you to connect and interact with your instructor in a live online webinar setting.   

To ensure a quality experience for you and the educator, it is imperative that you have a laptop or desktop with webcam. This will allow you to easily follow along with the lecture and simultaneously access your manual, Power Point presentations and graphics that the instructor will be sharing with you. It will also be important to watch demos or see information close-up that the instructor is sharing in her classroom setting.      



For most of our courses and workshops, our instructors have pre-recorded a professional service demonstration. The purpose of this demonstration is to resemble the treatment/service you would be watching in the classroom and will ensure that you are receiving the same experience that you would have in a classroom setting. The demonstration will explicitly review from start to finish, a step by step procedure of your educator performing the treatment. The purpose of us recording our own demonstrations is to protect the integrity of EIE’s high standard and quality of training and protocols.   
Please note that some classes are theory only in nature and therefore this component is not required.   



For courses that require a Practical Training component, your online class includes a page detailing how to book your in-class practical training sessions on campus. You must complete your online theory component or exam prior to attending the in-class training. Students are required to bring their manuals and student kits with them to their in-class training sessions; student kits will be used on models in the classroom.  

Check out our Book Your Hands-on Training page for more information on booking practical training sessions and to view our upcoming class dates.  



Courses that require students to complete a Practical Training component may require students to bring their own models in to complete practicums during their practical training sessions. Model requirements for classes that require Practical Training can be found here.



Depending on the course or workshop, you may be required to complete additional practicums or quotas outside of class. Your instructor will provide you with more information on your quota requirements during your in-class training session. Specific instructions will be given for each class regarding the particulars of how to document, record and/or photograph your work. Quota submissions will be uploaded into your online training class as part of your final assignment in order to receive your final certificate.  


Our facilities both offer Student Room Rentals for students who may require a space to perform their quotas outside of class. Please see our Quota Room Rental page for more information on rental rates and how to book a space.  

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