10 Tips for Microdermabrasion

10 Tips for Microdermabrasion

Here are 10 tips for microdermabrasion that any esthetician can use to boost their MDA service:

1) Accuracy before speed! Be comfortable with your equipment and technique and develop your microdermabrasion pattern to be a THOROUGH service. Then increase your speed while keeping the treatment efficient and well provided.

2) Get right up into the hairline, as close around (but not into) the eye area as possible, and behind the ears and under the jawline – clients appreciate this thoroughness!

3) Use a microdermabrasion facial treatment as an opportunity to introduce the use of microdermabrasion on the backs of the hands as well. It’s incredible how this treatment can improve the look and feel of the hands. An “intro hand treatment as a bonus will have the client hooked and booking a full hand treatment with her next microdermabrasion facial.

4) If you’ve got a microdermabrasion machine, think of all the other body areas it can be used on! It doesn’t add too much time to the service to incorporate a few passes on hands, arms, legs, decollete and even back. Use other treatments, like body treatments or pedicures to suggest microdermabrasion as an excellent exfoliation for rough, dry skin.

5) Does your microdermabrasion machine have other functions on it, like Ultrasonic or a warm/cold peltier? These functions can be used in other treatments as well! Use the U/S during a facial for serum penetration. Use the cold peltier after waxing or resurfacing treatments – or any red, irritated or inflamed skin. Use the warm peltier on tense muscles before or during a massage, or use the warm and cool sides for contrast treatments.

6) Be sure you are comfortable with the parameters of your treatment – know when you can alter something about a treatment to help your client get the benefits they want, safely. Don’t give every client the same treatment.

7) Microdermabrasion is a wonderful service to promote in the summer months when client’s may have had sun exposure and can’t have peels, or light therapy treatments.

8) Microdermabrasion is a great treatment to offer before a client embarks on a series of treatments, like RMD, MPR or even peels, to provide a good exfoliation and to facilitate even better results from these other treatments. You can build packages for your client that include starting with microdermabrasion and staggered throughout the series of other treatments.

9) If using crystal-less microdermabrasion devices, make sure your diamond bit attachments are at their true grit. They do wear out with use and don’t provide an efficient exfoliating treatment when they are not at their peak “grit.”

10) Microdermabrasion can be performed during pregnancy. So often, pregnant clients need to pause their regular skin therapies like chemical peels and laser or light therapy – microdermabrasion can be a great substitution for them during this time.

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