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10 Waxing Tips to Ensure Client Satisfaction and Comfort

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Waxing can be a pretty intimate service, here are 10 quick tips to ensure client satisfaction and comfort each and every waxing treatment.

1. Client Confidentiality.

2. Professionalism, always.

3. Personalize your service for each client (get to know them and their needs).

4. Share your knowledge about pre & post waxing care, as well as any recommendations.

5. Be clean, tidy & organized.

6. Maintain clients modesty.

7. Be on time with service start time as well as service completion times.

8. Ensure that the finished result is to the client’s satisfaction.

9. Communicating with the client in a way that makes them feel valued & respected. Accommodating, flexible and understanding.

10. Know your products for your clients, whether it be a variety of waxing products, soothing products or products to help aid in your clients specific needs.

*Bonus: Ask your clients how the service was and offer them incentive deals to maintain the service they have had with you. Ex. After 5 leg waxing’s they may get a percentage cut rate for their next service.


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