Company: The Healthy Foot Mobile Clinic

Location: Edmonton, AB

Phone: 780-721-9232

SUMMARY: The Healthy Foot Mobile Clinic provides advanced pedicure treatments to lodges, hospitals, and elderly homes. Having various medical conditions, such as diabetes and poor circulation, requires specialized foot care. Fungal toe nails, corns, callouses, ingrown toenails, bunions, hammer toes and more, The Healthy Foot Mobile Clinic provides specialized foot care throughout the city.

Jenni, the owner of The Healthy Foot Mobile Clinic, is looking for someone who is well versed in advanced pedicures to take over her clientele and business. Jenni is looking to sell her business by December 20th, 2019. If you are interested in purchasing this established business, please contact Jenni at 780-721-9232.

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