Re: COVID-19 Update from Government of Alberta

May 1, 2020

European Institute of Esthetics, Esthetic & Laser Training Centre

Re: COVID-19 Update from Government of Alberta 

Release number: 5120

Dear valued students,

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and in good physical and mental health.  Today we are writing to update you on the recent announcement from the Government of Alberta regarding Alberta’s relaunch strategy. In addition to following Government assessments and legislation, we are also ensuring that we are operating in sync with The City of Edmonton relaunch plans. Our team is working very hard to ensure we are informed, up to date and compliant with the parameters we must adhere to in order to operate our business. As the level of information can become extremely overwhelming, we are committed to you to stay in constant communication and transparent with our plans moving forward. 

European Institute of Esthetics, Esthetic & Laser Training Centre has and always will put the health and safety of our faculty and students as our highest priority. We are currently making plans surrounding what reopening our campuses looks like. We are eager to get all our beautiful students perfecting their practical skills and moving through their programs to be able to build a successful career for themselves.

We have included below the statements released April 30th, one from the Government of Alberta and the other from The City of Edmonton. As mentioned, we are working hard on what our relaunch plan looks like and how we will meet the requirements put out to us by all governing bodies. We will continue to keep you informed daily through our emails and blog posts. 

We kindly ask that you keep yourself up to date with all the information we publish. We have done our best to communicate in both written and video form so that the information is easy to receive and process. We will also ask that you check our blog, daily email updates, FAQ page, and for those of you already registered, our LearnWorlds Blog for information prior to reaching out to us. We are receiving extraordinarily high volumes of calls and emails and we are working around the clock to get back to everyone. For the fastest answers to your questions, we strongly encourage you to check out all the information and resources we have provided, as it is very likely the solution to your concern is shown within one of these areas.

Government of Alberta Relaunch:

Government of Alberta Relaunch plan PDF

The City of Edmonton Response to Government of Alberta Relaunch:

Signup for EIE MediSpa & Laser Training Centre Email for Student body here.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and patience as we navigate through these times, 


Tiffany Starchuk

Wolf Hatheway

 & the faculty at EIE Training Centre

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