Student Update: April 15, 2020

Current Status: Our administration team is working hard to reach out to students previously registered in classes that have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are reaching out to all students individually at this time to get you registered on our LearnWorlds portal and the modules you have missed. Our team is working hard to get all of our modules completed and available on our online learning portal as quickly as possible, so that our current and future students do not lose momentum in their training or require rescheduling for upcoming classes. New Update: Our team is currently contacting those students who had been scheduled in March 2020 for:

  • Laser Theory

If you had a class scheduled for March that was missed/rescheduled, we will be in touch as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this time. Students currently enrolled in Laser Theory will have access to live webinar sessions on: April 17th, April 18th, April 19th and April 20th, 2020. The sessions are scheduled for 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm each day. Each session will last about 45 minutes and will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered, and to interact with our wonderful instructors and your fellow students. You are required to attend at least one of these sessions, and we encourage you to participate as many times as you can to maximize your learning experience! All students currently enrolled in in these courses will receive a link to to their emails to gain access to the scheduled Webinar.

Please stay connected with us and we will be in touch soon! Sincerely, Team EIE

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