Why do we teach with so many skin care brands?

To some people, learning about one skincare line is enough. We teach with 3 different lines, each one has its own uniqueness and its own benefits to offer. We train with 3 product lines, so the Esthetician learns with each new skin type that not only one product line will have everything their client needs. The esthetician will learn to truly customize each facial knowing the powerful ingredients and have the advantage of mixing product lines to suit each clients needs.

Repechage was launched in 1980 by Lydia Sarfati; she combined her love of the sea with her love of chemistry. Today her brand is well known in the professional world. Repêchage has created a full range of seaweed-based skin care products, from rubberized masks to enzyme exfoliation. Repêchage has skin condition specific packages that can easily be used with other products.

Cara Skin Care is a bio-botanical product, meaning the ingredients are science and nature combined. Students will be able to have hands-on practice trying every product and knowing each of the ingredients as well as learning what ingredient will aid in the skin condition at hand. The products from Cara are jam-packed with proven clinical grade ingredients, from working with volcanic ash to the soothing calming effects of cucumber.

Serene is a clinical line mainly used for advanced treatments, however with how powerful the ingredients are it would be a shame not to use in a “regular” facial. This product line can be used for facial clients who have sensitivities to ingredients and fragrance. Learning to work with AHAs and BHAs will give the student a small glimpse of working with acids.

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