We are awarding 3 scholarships for the below. To enter choose which scholarship you would like to win and follow the rules for what is required in your entry video!

Scholarships Available

  • Valued at $11,545: Winner will receive full access and registration to a Diploma Program of their choice: Full Esthetic Diploma Program, Advanced Clinical Diploma Program or Makeup Artistry Diploma Program. 

  • Valued at $5,000: Winner will receive a credit valued at $5,000 to use on any modules and/or program offered at The European Institute of Esthetics. 

  • Valued at $2,589.50: Winner will receive full access to two modules: Eyelash Extensions Level 1, and The Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry. Winner will also receive a credit of $500 valid for use on the Makeup Artistry Diploma Program. 

Win a Scholarship!

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees Must:

  1. Follow/Like @eie_training_centre on Instagram and Facebook

  2. Submit a video entry via IGTV or Facebook. 

  3. Tag @eie_training_centre in entry post. 

  4. Entry post must include hashtags: #eiempower #eiepickme 

  5. Entry post must remain on individuals social feed until a winner has been selected. 

  6. All individuals applying must have public profiles – private accounts are not accessible to review your entry for the scholarship. 

*Please indicate in your entry video which scholarship you would like to win.

Your video must discuss or answer the questions below: 

  • What would this winning this scholarship do for you, what opportunities would it open-up for you? 

  • What is or would be your favorite part about being in the esthetics industry? 

  • Why do you want to be apart of this industry? 

  • What motivates you? What is one of your greatest achievements? 

  • Who is someone that has empowered or inspired you? What made them so significant in your life? How do you think you could do the same for others in your community? 

  • If you could build the most perfect career for yourself what would it be? 

  • Who is someone you would like to nominate to apply for this scholarship and potentially study with you?  (*Optional. You can submit a video nominating another friend/family/etc to win the scholarship)

Get creative, have fun, and get outside of your comfort zone...it could win you a scholarship! 

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