We appreciate you choosing The European Institute of Esthetics, Esthetics and Laser Training Centre as your education provider. Our goal is to ensure you have an incredible learning experience with us. We look forward to building a long and successful relationship with you, supporting your growth as a professional.

This student handbook is an important resource to prepare you for your upcoming classes with us. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the information in this book. It is required that all students read and acknowledge the handbook policies prior to starting classes.

Please note that students are responsible for being familiar with all information and policies contained in the student handbook, prior to starting any classes.


Our Team



Wolf Hatheway


Dean of Admissions

Tiffany Starchuk


Director of Finance

Rae Urruita


Director of Admissions

Desiree Billey

Educator Faculty

Alyssha Yeatheard
Anita Neufeld

Celina Croft

Christine Walker

Dee Barrera

Harmony Wolgemuth
Heather Dick
Katilin Lefurgey

Meghan Page

Rebecca Paquette

Sarah Cyr
Tiffany Starchuk

Learn more about our team by visiting eietrainingcentre.ca/meet-the-faculty


Contact Information: At A Glance

Facility Office:

Monday-Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Main Floor, 6724 75th Street, Edmonton, AB, T6E 6T9
Phone: 1-780-466-5271
Toll Free: 1-877-422-5271

Online Support

Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Student Help Desk: desk.zoho.com/portal/eietrainingcentre/home

Supplies & Shopping

Location: PROBEAUTY Group; 6012 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6B 0E7
Phone: 1-780-462-2580
Toll-free: 1-800-557-3223 ext. 2



Campus Locations

Main Campus:

EIE Training Centre
6724 75th Street
Edmonton, AB
T6E 6T9


East Campus:

6012 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6B 0E7

Student Entrance

Students are required to enter / leave the building through the student entrance at rear of building. Entrance to student doors will be opened from 8:30 AM until 8:50 AM.


The door is locked at 8:50 AM. If the door is locked you are late for your class. You will not be permitted entrance to class.


Main Campus
• Student parking is complimentary at the rear of the building. Limited parking available.
• NO parking access in front of bay doors and garbage disposals


East Campus
• Student parking is complimentary at the rear of the building. Limited parking available.
• Angle Parking only.
• NO parking access in front of loading dock and garbage disposals


Main Campus Transit options
• Bus route 80 runs nearby. Please visit the ETS Trip Planner (http://etstripplanner.edmonton.
ca/PlanYourTrip.aspx) to find the best route.


East Campus Transit options
• Bus routes 4, 82, 84, 860, 862, 869, 878, 921, 966, and 971 all stop within a 5-minute walking
distance. Please visit the ETS Trip Planner (http://etstripplanner.edmonton.ca/Plan-
YourTrip.aspx) to find the best route.

Refer to your class confirmation emails to verify your course location prior to your arrival to
the facilities.


Hours Of Operation

Main Campus
EIE Training Centre & EIE MediSpa
6724 75 Street, Edmonton, AB




8:30 am to 5:00 pm
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

East Campus
6012 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB




9:00 am to 5:00 pm
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Entrance to student doors will are opened from 8:30 AM until 8:50 AM.

Student Benefits


We want to thank you for being a student at The European Institute of Esthetics, Esthetic and Laser Training Centre. To show our appreciation, please enjoy 20% off of services through our MediSpa and 10% off of products at PROBEAUTY Group. Proof of current enrollment required.

PBG_WhiteLogo_FULL WHITE.png

Receive a 10% discount on purchases in store or redeem discount code online at pro-beauty.com

Receive a 20% discount on all spa services. Book your appointment online at eiemedispa.ca

EIE _MediSpa Logo-wht.png

Alumni Benefits

Alumni students registering for future classes are eligible to receive 10% off of individual classes. Exclusions apply. Proof of previous enrollment will be verified.


Alumni receive a 10% discount on modular courses.

Dress Code


Lab coats can be purchased at either campus location, Please purchase your lab coat
prior to your course start date. Lab coats are mandatory.
It is recommended to have two
lab coats during your studies.


As a student of the European Institute of Esthetics you are a reflection of the standards we uphold and should portray the professionalism of an esthetician.

Our student dress code is strictly enforced and students will be asked to change if proper attire is not worn. In the case you have misplaced, lost, or forgotten your uniform, lab coats are available for purchase at either campus location.

Students are required to be in uniform at all times when on campus grounds.

esthetics unofrm.PNG


Uniform Requirements
• White esthetic jacket
• Black pants or skirt (skirts must sit below the knee
when seated)
• soft soled white or black shoes
• Plain black or white socks, tights or nylons
• Plain black or white t-shirt, crew neck, long or short
sleeve shirt with no logos or text visible
• Hair pulled neatly away from face
• Natural makeup is encouraged, no excessive

Nails should be short and smooth for classes containing a massage component (Facials Level 1, Advanced Facials, Relaxation Massage)


Uniform Exceptions

  • Students are permitted to wear a black lab coat if the wish in the following courses: Microblading, Body Treatments, Makeup Artistry and Permanent Makeup.

  • If you are attending training for Relaxation Massage, we suggest wearing scrubs or solid black or white crew neck tshirt and comfortable black pants that allow for full range of motion.

Inappropriate student dress attire


• Hoodies
• Sweatshirts (or long sleeved shirts with logos or designs)
• Exposed skin: V-Neck, Spaghetti Straps



• Athletic wear
• Sweatpants
• Jeans
• Mini Skirts

• Shorts
• Printed Leggings, Patterned tights
• Bare Legs



• Colourful footwear
• High heeled shoes
• Open-toed shoes


If you wear a medical alert bracelet, please ensure you have informed our support staff and faculty.

All jewelry must be removed from your body when performing or receiving treatments using electrical currents, lasers, radio frequency, and other technologies for yours and the client’s safety. Jewelry worn for religious purposes will also need to be removed during times mentioned above.



If you wear nail extensions or gel polish, you may be required to remove/shorten the length. To know what is required for each of your scheduled courses, review your practical training requirements on Learnworlds and the model requirement page for your courses. https://www.eietrainingcentre.ca/model-requirements

Diploma Program Students


Free Lab Coat

Students registered in a Diploma Program will receive a FREE Lab coat. Upon registration, a coupon will be sent via email to redeem your lab coat at PROBEAUTY Group. The coupon must be presented when picking up lab coat.


In Class Requirements


Food / Lunch

A 30-minute lunch break will be provided during each full day class. Students are welcome to bring a lunch with them. A student lunch room is available at all locations. NO open containers of food or drink, including gum, is permitted in theory or practical classrooms.



Students / Models are NOT permitted to bring children into the classroom or service room
during quotas or during class. It is the student’s / model’s responsibility to find child care
during class and while completing quotas.


Cell Phones

Cell phones are not permitted in class. Cell phones are disruptive and disrespectful to your fellow students and the faculty. Students may use their phone on break in the designated cell phone zones. Students with a cell phone in class will have their phone confiscated; it will be returned at the end of the day. In case of emergency, please provide your loved ones with the number to the location you are at, and our staff will ensure that you are notified. If students would like to take before and after photos during class, we ask that they notify the instructor and the instructor will arrange time to do so. 

Students who refuse to respect our cell phone policy will be asked by the instructor to leave the class and the student will be required to re-enrol and pay the rescheduling fees incurred. (Pg. 20, S.21A)


Clean Up Duties

Students are required to aid in general housekeeping duties of the facility. It is our goal to prepare you for the workplace and these types of duties will be expected of you from your employer. Students will be graded on attitude and execution of these duties.





If a student does not attend class without notice, or less than 24 hours notice without a valid reason for absence (ie. illness, death of an immediate family member), the student will be required to re-register for the class and a rescheduling fee will apply as per policy S.21A, pg 16. Students will be required to provide a doctor’s note to excuse an absence in the case of illness.


Late arrivals will not be permitted entry into the class and will be required to reschedule as per policy S.21A. Our doors will be locked 10 minutes prior to the class start time. Students arriving after this time will be considered late. 


For students that have Student Aid funding; in the case that your courses are paid off and you miss a class or must rewrite an exam, you will be liable to pay the fees incurred.



Students are required to arrive on time and come prepared for their modules. Some things to bring to class: paper / notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, closed water bottle. Our faculty will not find or provide you with these items. Gum and open lid containers are not permitted at the facility (pg.10, S.2A).



Students requiring a verbal translator during practical training must notify administration staff upon registration. Students are responsible for finding and paying for their own professional certified translator. Family and friends do not qualify as an appropriate translator and will not be permitted in class.


Medical & Emergency


Emergency Contact

An emergency contact is collected at the time of registration, in the case that there may be an emergency situation. If you require updates to your emergency contact information please email advisor@eietrainingcentre.ca


Medical ID/Awareness

Students with medical conditions requiring medication are required to inform the instructor prior to class. If you require an epipen for an allergy, please bring one to class with you and inform your instructor.




If a student is under the influence of any alcohol / narcotics while on the premises, the student will be asked to leave the property immediately, and subsequently expelled from the program. NO refund will be returned to any student asked to leave for this reason. Safety is our number one priority for all our students, models, and staff.



The European Institute of Esthetics has a strict non-smoking policy. No smoking or vaping is allowed in or near the property while you are attending class. We ask that you smoke away from all doors, windows and vehicles. We ask that you do not smoke in uniform and refrain from wearing any strong perfumes / deodorants. If a student reenters the class smelling of cigarettes, the student will be asked to leave class and a rescheduling fee of $150 will apply. (Pg. 20, S.21A)


Disabilites / Injuries


Students must disclose any disabilities they have that may affect or impede their ability to learn or perform the skills required of the course. Students must have sufficient vision, mobility, tactile function and cognitive ability to learn the theory and practical skills required to perform the services taught in each class. Due to the physical nature of each class and service, we are unable to modify course requirements or make other accommodations for most disabilities. Please consult your Student Advisor if you are unsure if a course or program is suitable for your particular situation.


You must notify our Student Advisor Team immediately if you sustain an injury or develop a disability while you are in a course or program. We will work with you to pause or reschedule your classes if needed, to the best of our ability. If your injury or disability does not allow you to continue your studies, you will be deemed to have abandoned your studies. Please refer your Enrollment and Student Aid Contracts (if applicable) for further information and steps to take in this instance.


Bullying/Harassment/Student Conduct


EIE Training Centre is dedicated to ensuring that students and employees have a safe environment, without fear of bullying or harassment. As such, EIE Training Centre will not tolerate and is dedicated to preventing any instance of bullying, cyberbullying and harassment. All students and employees of EIE Training Centre share in the responsibility to
ensure that our school is a safe and welcoming place to work and learn.


Students and employees are responsible for reporting any instances of bullying and harassment, whether they were the target, or they were witness to the incident. Students can make a complaint to our staff by emailing advisor@eietrainingcentre.ca. In all cases, where a complaint of bullying or harassment is made in good faith, the employee will not be disciplined or retaliated against in any way.


Bullying and Harassment is defined as any inappropriate conduct or comment by an individual towards an employee that caused or has the potential to cause that student or employee to be humiliated or intimidated.


Bullying and harassing behaviours include but are not limited to:

• Verbal aggression or yelling
• Humiliating actions or practices

• Hazing
• Spreading malicious rumours
• Using derogatory names towards someone


Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group that is intended to harm others. Definition sourced from Cyberbullying.ca


Some examples of cyberbullying, taken directly from Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety are:

• Sending unsolicited and/or threatening e-mail, and/or encouraging others to do so, or to overwhelm the victim with e-mail messages
• Sending viruses by e-mail (electronic sabotage)
• Spreading rumours
• Making slanderous remarks about the victim in public discussion areas
• Sending damaging messages directly to the victim
• Impersonating the victim online by sending a controversial or inflammatory message which causes others to respond negatively to the victim
• During a live chat, harassing the victim
• Leaving abusive messages on Web site guest books
• Sending the victim pornography or other graphic material that is knowingly offensive
• Creating a Web page, or writing an entry on a blog that portrays the victim in negative ways
• Posting or threatening to post negative, untrue, dishonest or slanderous reviews on review websites or social media


Any student who is found to be engaging in bullying, cyberbullying or harassing behaviour towards other students, clients or EIE Training Centre employees will be subject to immediate disciplinary actions, including suspension and/or expulsion from our courses and programs.


Expelled students are not entitled to any refunds and will not be issued any further certifications.


Students who have been expelled will not be permitted to enrol in any further courses or programs offered by EIE Training Centre.




If a student is suspected of, or caught cheating or plagiarizing on any exam or assignment, the student will be asked to leave and will receive an automatic incomplete for the course. Should the student wish to complete the module, a new deposit and registration fee will be required for the class.

Theft & Vandalism


Students, models and staff are required to show respect for school property. All incidents of theft and vandalism, by students or any persons at the school is not tolerated.


In situations involving student(s), the Dean and/or the President shall work to receive restitution from the student(s) and/or parents/guardians. If the president and dean deems the matter serious enough, a report will be issued to the Edmonton Police Service for legal action.




Lockers and locks are provided to students free of charge for use during the day at each location. Use of lockers are mandatory while on campus. Lockers must be signed in and out at the end of each day.


In the event you do not return or lose your lock, a $10 replacement fee will be charged.


Personal items are not permitted in class and must be stored in the lockers provided during class hours. For items accepted into class please see section S.3D, pg.11. Lockers must be locked during class hours and emptied at the end of each day. Personal belongings and student kits are to be taken home by the student at the end of each day. Please do not leave any belongings in your classroom or locker.


Lockers found with personal belongings in them will be opened and the belongings placed into lost and found every evening.


Please do not decorate your lockers with any labels or stickers. A $50 charge to remove any adhesive on your locker will be charged to you.


The European Institute of Esthetics and/or PROBEAUTY Group are not responsible for any items lost or stolen in its facilities.



In-Class Model Requirements
Please ensure you have read and understand your model requirements for each class. A detailed listing of class specific model requirements can be found on our website. https://www.eietrainingcentre.ca/model-requirements


It is the student’s responsibility to find models for class. Resources are available for students having difficulties locating models, the resource being our EIE Model Sign Up Book. The book is located at both campus locations. Should you require this book, visit the front desk at either campus location. Staff will not provide book details via phone/email/
etc. It is the student`s responsibility to call and book model(s).


Please review with your model the location, date, time, model fee, and any other necessary information prior to class. If you cancel your course or are unable to attend class, please call your models and inform them of any changes.


Ensure to always have a backup model in case of any last-minute changes. You are required to do practical work, and if you are unable to complete this training, you will have to redo the class, incurring a rescheduling fee. (Pg. 20, S.21A)


Some classes have the option to use mannequin hands, feet, faces, eyes/skin as an emergency substitute for a live model. These are available for purchase from the front desk staff.


Course Dates


All class and workshop dates are subject to change.

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a class at any time, no fees will be incurred by the student. If a class that has been changed by the school conflicts with a student’s existing schedule, the school will accommodate the student to reschedule classes.

Equipment Requirements


In the event students are required to purchase equipment for a class (ie. Electrolysis), students must order their equipment a minimum of eight weeks prior to the start of class. A 50% deposit on equipment purchases is required to order. Equipment is available for purchase through PROBEAUTY Group.


Course Kits & Materials


Course kits are to be ordered by students once registered into an online course. Students will find detailed instructions on how to order their student kits and/or manuals from the pro-beauty.com website within their online class.


You are not required to have your student kit to begin your online theory training.


Shipping times can vary for kits. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your kit or order your kit for pickup. You have the option to mark your kit for pickup at our East Campus (PROBEAUTY Group). To inquire about your order status, please email warehouse@eietrainingcentre.ca 


For more information on class kits, please review the Introduction section of your class in the online portal.


Students may not purchase or order student kits for classes they are not enrolled in.


If payment is made in error when ordering kits/materials for a course, a refund will be provided to the student. Students are required to follow the steps listed below to claim the refund:

• Students must request a refund within 30 days of payment
• A request needs to be submitted to warehouse@eietrainingcentre.ca
• Refunds are processed on the 25th of each month
• Student kit refunds are subject to a $25 (+GST) processing fee per kit


Student Kits are intended and required for in-class training. If a student chooses to open the provided Student Kit and start using products, the student is responsible for replenishing any missing product at their own cost to complete the required hands-on training. Additional products already included in the Student Kit will not be supplied during in-class training.


Student Kits are intended and required for in-class training. If a student does not arrive to their hands-on training with their required student kit and manual, they will not be able to participate in hands-on training. A rescheduling fee will apply. 




For courses with no practical component, you can download and save a digital pdf copy of your certificate upon completion of the course. Additional fees apply for students who wish to have a printed copy of their certificates mailed to them. See Payments and Fees


For courses that require additional practical work, models, quotas and practical exams, you will receive a digital certificate upon successful completion of those required components. Additional fees apply for students who wish to have a printed copy of their certificates mailed to them. See Payments and Fees


Once you have successfully completed all required courses in a Diploma Program, you may submit a Graduation and Diploma Request using the Diploma Request Form (Click here to open the Diploma Request Form). Our Administration Staff will verify the successful completion of your program and issue your Diploma. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your Diploma to be mailed to you. Please note pickup is not available for Diplomas.


Please ensure that we have your current mailing address on file. A Diploma reprint fee will apply if your Diploma is sent to the wrong address because you did not provide a current or valid mailing address, as per section S.21E.


Enrollment in a course does not guarantee you a Certificate of Completion, see section S.14F.


Student Pass/Fail Policy


For Individual Courses
Enrollment in a course does not guarantee you a Certificate of Completion. Students are required to successfully pass all components of a course (Lessons, Theory Exam, Quotas, Models, Practical Training, Practical Exam) in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

If a student does not successfully pass all the required components within 1 year of commencement date of the course, the student will be deemed to have failed the course. There are no refunds for failed courses or abandoned courses. Certificates may be withheld if the student has any unpaid fees owing.


For Diploma Programs

Enrollment in a Diploma Program does not guarantee you a Diploma. Students are required to successfully pass all individual component courses of the Diploma Program in order to receive a Diploma. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for each successfully completed individual course. Once all component courses of a Diploma Program have been completed successfully, you can request your Diploma. Diplomas may be withheld if the student has any unpaid fees owing.




Our live Q&A sessions are an opportunity for you to interact with your instructor and fellow students in a webinar style setting. These sessions are designed to answer any questions you may have about the course content as you move through your studies.


Students are encouraged to join as many live sessions as they wish in order to feel confident prior to the exam. Please ensure you attend at least one live session prior to your exam. Attendance will be marked and does count towards your final grade.


Students are encouraged to join as many live sessions as they wish in order to feel confident prior to the exam. Please ensure you attend at least one live session prior to your exam. Attendance will be marked and does count towards your final grade.


Webinars are available and scheduled for various time slots. View all webinar times by visiting the webinar page on the student portal. Webinar dates/times/links are subject to change without notice. Always check the webinar page for the most current information prior to each webinar.




Email is the primary means of communicating with our Students. It is your responsibility to regularly check and respond to emails and notifications sent to your message inbox in our Online Learning Platform.


Students are required to keep themselves updated by reviewing our student newsletter and all communications sent via email.


Students are required to inform EIE of any address changes, and to ensure we always have your current contact information on file. You may miss important dates and messages, and incur additional fees if we cannot reach you at the email address, phone number or mailing address you have provided.


Quota Room Rentals


Students may be assigned quotas to complete during / after their courses to receive certification or entry into the final exam. Quotas are required to be completed outside of the classroom and on your own time. Quotas are to be submitted in the assignment section of the online course (View online course section for details).

Students who are required to complete quotas may rent a treatment room from either campus. See below for room rental details:

Room and equipment rentals are managed online at https://eietraining.learnworlds.com/pages/room-rentals

Main Campus
Thursday 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


East Campus (PROBEAUTY Group)
Monday, Tuesday & Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

**24hr notice must be given prior to renting room**

Renting a room is a first come, first serve basis. We are unable to guarantee availability on short notice. All quota room rentals are required to be booked online through the quota room rental booking page. https://eietraining.learnworlds.com/pages/room-rentals


Per Service (2 Hour Booking) $30.00 (+ tax) (Special - rent a room for $10 per 2 hour session until June 30, 2021)
Clean up fee $75.00 (+ tax)
*Clean up fee assessed if rental space is not cleaned to the standards on the cleaning checklist


Additional Policies

Students are expected to bring their own product provided in their student kit to use for completing quotas. Any additional product needed is available for purchase through PROBEAUTY Group. *Supplies will not be provided through EIE; dispensary is off limits* The school is not involved with student/client payments and will not collect fees from
clients for quota services.


You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled service in order to prepare and set up your rented station.


Every appointment must be scheduled to be completed 30 minutes before closing time to allow for complete cleanup of station as per the checklist provided. *If station is deemed unclean a fee will be assessed. Please see a member of staff if you are unsure if you have met the guidelines*


Students are required to be in uniform at all times in our facilities. As a student at the European Institute of Esthetics you are a reflection of the standards we uphold and should portray the professionalism of an esthetician. Our student dress code is strictly enforced, and students may be asked to change or leave the facility if proper attire is not worn.


Be mindful that there are clients receiving services and the spa must remain quiet and relaxing. *Please inform your clients that absolutely no children are allowed in the spa*


You may have a sealed water bottle at your station. Absolutely no food or other drink should be present during a service. This applies to both the student and client.


It is the student’s responsibility to pay for any damage and subsequent cost, to either repair or replace EIE equipment.


When performing quota/model services in our Treatment Rooms, Students must adhere to all Disinfection, Hygiene, and Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines required of all Service Providers in our school. These guidelines are covered in our course and are posted in the treatment rooms and student common areas for your reference.


Provided By EIE
EIE will provide furniture and equipment necessary to complete services (i.e. beds, stools, pedicure basins, manicure tables, steamer, mag lamp etc). Students are required to bring their own towels.




Mandatory Quotas

Some courses require students to complete quotas outside of class prior to attending their final exam or receiving certification. Students are required to complete all quotas as requested by their Instructors. In the case more quotas are required by your instructor you will follow the information and deadline provided by your instructor for all quotas.


Students who provide inadequate quotas or submit past quota submission deadlines will receive an incomplete for their course and will be required to reschedule. (Pg. 20, S.21A)


Payments & Fees



• Full payment is required at the time of registration.
• Registrations over $2,000 are eligible for payment plans (see section S.19B)
• Fees/deposits are non-refundable once you have started a class.
• GST is added to all class fees.
• Students applying for Student Aid are required to pay a non-refundable registration
processing fee of $500 to hold their registration for a selected Diploma Program.



• Payment Plan

  The European Institute of Esthetics offers payment plan options for all programs. Payment plans are interest free.

Full Program Payment Plan
• If you are registering in a full program and require a payment plan, please contact our Director of Finance
Modular Payment Plans
• If you are registering for courses exceeding $2,000 you are eligible for a payment plan. A deposit of 60% is due at registration. The remaining balance will be split into two equal monthly payments. Full payment is required to
participate in practical training. Students must provide a valid credit card. If a payment is declined, you will lose access to the course until the required
payment is made.

iFinance Canada https://www.medicard.com/apply-now.php
Student Loans from Student Aid https://studentaid.alberta.ca/

Visit eietrainingcentre.ca/student-aid-financing to view all financing options and what you’ll need for your Student Aid application.


Payment Credits

• All payment, registration and scholarship credits are non-transferrable.
• Credits expire after one year from date of initial payment.



A rescheduling fee applies for:
• Rescheduling an exam or course dates (applicable if notice is not given within two
weeks of scheduled course or exam).

• Late arrivals past the scheduled start time of their course.
• Students who show improper attendance during the course
• Student who do not follow dress code protocols
• Students who do not follow policies and procedures outlined in student handbook.

Rescheduling Fee (per course) $150.00 (+ tax)


Rewrite Fee

If you were unsuccessful in passing an exam, you are able to book a rewrite. Exam Rewrites can be requested and paid for online. http://eietraining.learnworlds.com/course?courseid=exam-rewrite-request

Theory Exam Rewrite Fee $49.00 (+ tax)
Practical Exam Rewrite Fee $125.00 (+ tax)


Course Extension

If you require more time to complete your course, you can do so by applying for an extension. Extensions are limited to 1 extension per course.

Modular Extension (per course) $75.00 (+ tax)


Additional Training

If you require more hands on training for the practical component of your class you can book time for additonal practical training. Additonal training days are unlimited.

Additonal Practical Training (per day) $200.00 (+ tax)


Administration Fees

• Modular Course Certificate Printing Fee $25.00 (+ tax)

• Transcript Reprint $75.00 (+ tax)
• Certificate/Diploma Reprint $75.00 (+ tax)

• Withdrawal/Refund Processing Fee $75.00 (+ tax)
• Tax Forms / Receipts: (see below)

*For Tax Forms/Receipts, contact the Director of Finance for a quote


Withdrawal / Refunds

To be eligible for a refund and withdraw from a program/module you must:
• Submit notice within 7 days of registration
• Have not worked past Lesson 1 of the online theory course
• Have not ordered/shipped student kit and course materials


For students enrolled in programs, please refer to the policies outlined in your enrollment contract.


Program registration processing fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. (See pg. 20, S19A)


Further Resources/Important Links

Visit our extensive online FAQ Resources Page: https://desk.zoho.com/portal/eietrainingcentre


Desiree Billey | Director of Admissions

Contact Desiree for registration, attendance/late notices, rescheduling, scheduling arrangements, tours, doctors notes, etc.

Appointment bookings available.
Book Appointment: eietrainingcentre.setmore.com/
Email advisor@eietrainingcentre.ca

Rae Urrutia | Director of Finance

Contact Rae for finacing, student aid applications, ifinance application and payment plans.

Appointment bookings available.
Book Appointment: eietrainingcentre.setmore.com/
Email advisor@eietrainingcentre.ca

Tiffany Starchuk | Dean of Admissions

Available by appointment only.

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